The ultimate tool to prevent wire knots and tangles

Twister is a mechanical device whose rotational movement is activated by the wire itself, while it is being paid out from a bulk pack. The "U" shaped grooves of the two rolls, while turning, grab the wire and impart on it a counter-torsional force which offsets the residual tension still on the wire after the twist-free winding process. Twister works dynamically : the faster the wire is pulled from the drum, the more it compensates the tension.

Twister in action with Aluminium wire

The video shows a pack containing Aluminium wire grade 5356 (AlMg5) diameter 1.20mm. The transparent retainer plate allows to visually inspect the wire movement and view how the Twister imparts a counter-torsional effect which pushes the wire at the same time outward (against the pack walls) and downward (against the wire coil). The combined action of the two forces prevents the wire loops from being dragged into the center of the pack where they could turn, knot and tangle.  

Twister Images