Bare inner conduit (601.000)

This basic conduit is formed by an assembly of two different types of bodies clipped together. Each body carries 4 rolls designed to deliver wire with minimized friction and can freely rotate by 360° to promptly offset any tension accumulated by the robot arm movements.
For a better understanding of the function of the two different bodies with rolls (guiding and pulling) and the other conduit features view the detailed description below.

Exploded view

Detailed construction

MaxiGlide HD (601.300)

This "Heavy Duty" reinforced version of the basic conduit features an outer protective EPDM rubber wrapping with an additional layer of glued aramid fibers. This combination contributes to further strengthen the conduit and can help it better stand the rough bending and pulling stress typical of the robotic welding cells. The fiber mesh shields the inner bodies from the arc UV rays while the yellow stripe pattern makes it more visible in the dark environment of some welding cells. The bodies under the EPDM and aramid fibres wrapping can still freely rotate on their axis.

Detailed description
Conduit with standard (L-R) connectors
Standard (L) & anti-kink (R) connectors

MaxiGlide PA12 (601.400)

This version is the preferred choice of robot integrators because they can easily source the corrugated hose anywhere in the world and at the same time make their own taylor-made conduit lengths. The UV proof polyammide (PA12) plastic provides an adequate protection for the inner bodies against UV radiations, contamination and dust. For instructions on how to mount the end quick-connectors, view the instructions and videos at the support section.

Detailed description
Quick-connector PA12 (601.190)
Conduit with connectors