Bare inner conduit (801.000)

This conduit has been especially developed to smoothly transport thicker submerged arc welding wires normally ranging from 2.00mm (5/64") to 4.00mm (5/32"). Its construction is bulkier and designed to better withstand the pressure exerted by the passing wires, which normally tend to sway sideways, while paying out from bulk packs and drums. Two important advices: 1) since they are feeding large size wires, do not place the Superglide conduit inside the cable chains: it should be mounted free to float on the outside instead.
2) For the initial threading the wire tip must be filed and rounded to prevent barbs from damaging the rolls.

SuperGlide HD (801.300)

Because of the applications where this conduit with rolls is employed, the only version available is the one with a heavy duty protective coating made by an outer EPDM rubber wrapping with an additional layer of glued aramid fibers. The combination of the two covers contributes to further strengthen the conduit and helps it better stand the abuse and pulling stress typical of the working environments where the submerged arc welding process is used. The fiber mesh shields the inner bodies from the arc UV rays while the yellow stripe pattern makes it more visible in the dark environment of some welding cells.
The bodies under the EPDM and aramid fibres wrapping can still freely rotate on their axis.
Although the conduit is bi-directional, the end quick-connectors slightly differ from one another, where the connect to the inner basic conduit (one type at the front and one at the rear).